- University Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Paris Diderot University, France.

- Head of the PRM Department in the University Hospital Group St Louis Lariboisière F.Widal, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, mainly devoted to patients with neurological disorders as acquired brain lesions (stroke, traumatic brain injuries…), subacute peripheral nerve disorders, poliomyelitis sequelae, severe traumatic or orthopaedic disorders.

- Past-President of the French Scientific Society of PRM (SOFMER).

- Member of the research unit UMR 8257 «Cognition and Action Group CognAc-G» CNRS/ Paris Descartes University.

- Member of the Board of the French Academic College of PRM (COFEMER).

- Member of the Education Committee of the International Society of PRM (ISPRM).

- Main topics of research: Pathophysiology and rehabilitation of balance disorders after neurologic disease; rehabilitation of motor activity after stroke; treatment of spasticity; poliomyelitis sequels. 

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