Hans Zwerver

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Johannes Zwerver MD PhD, (nickname Hans) is Professor of Sport & Exercise medicine at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He works as a specialized sports medicine physician at the University Medical Center in Groningen and is section head of the Center for Sport & Exercise medicine within the Center for Rehabilitation and Sports. As a former team physician for  professional football and basketball teams he has ample experience in working with both elite and recreational athletes. Promoting 'Healthy active ageing' and prescribing 'Exercise is medicine' to patients with chronic disease is one of his actual tasks as well.

His research focusses on etiology, prevention, diagnosis and management of tendon problems. As a former high level basketball player he has a special interest for the jumper's knee.  He (co) authored more than 75 peer reviewed papers and book chapters and is editor of an international book on Imaging of Sports Injuries. In his presentation 'Tendon Diseases in 2018: new insights in physiopathology and medical/rehabilitation-based treatments' Professor Zwerver will provide you with scientific and practical knowledge how to effectively manage common tendinopathies.

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