Info on the Scientific Program

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in the next ISPRM congress to be held in Paris next year.

The scientific program for Paris 2018 will rely on:

1) 10 Keynote Lectures to be held as plenary conferences by international experts on the most important current scientific topics in PRM. Modern and recent therapies based on Technologies applied to PRM, new pharmacological and non pharmacological treatments, and innovative rehabilitation programs will be presented on various topics covering the main domains of PRM: Neurological diseases and cognitive impairment, musculo-skeletal diseases, swallowing disorders, sport medicine and exercise applied to PRM..... Speakers have been chosen based on their great expertise in their respective domain. Full details on the Keynote Lectures can be found here.

2) More than 50 Scientific Sessions chaired by Invited Lecturers, chosen for their excellence in the field. Those sessions will be mainly built on oral Communication selected through the abstract submission system. The main topics we want to highlight in Paris 2018 are: 

  • Research areas and new perspectives in PRM: the future is now!
  • PRM applied to Elderly and to Cancer
  • Technology in rehabilitation: robotics, virtual reality, orthotics and prosthetics, functional electric stimulation.....
  • Echography and EMG applied to PRM
  • Spasticity and Neuro-Orthopaedics,
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Bladder and bowel dysfunctions,
  • Pediatric rehabilitation,
  • Movement analysis and posture/balance assessment
  • Brain plasticity applied to neurological and musculo-skeletal diseases in PRM
  • Disorders of Consciousness and severe brain injuries, Neural interfaces
  • Collaboration with other rehabilitation professionals: occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists....
  • And a large overview of relevant topics in our speciality: cardio respiratory rehabilitation, neuropsychology, spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, parkinson disease, cerebral palsy, sport injury, rheumatologic diseases, traumatology, etc...

3) Workshops and educational sessions:

  • We're currently collecting proposals for long educational workshops to be held on Sunday and numerous daily short workshops to be held each morning. These long and short Workshops will provide congressists with practical demonstrations, on technological devices or on clinical methods in PRM.
  • An International Teaching Program (ITP) for young trainees will be held during the congress, starting on Sunday afternoon, and allowing residents to follow a special dedicated pathway during the congress. Our national association of young trainees (AJMER) is currently working on it. The main theme of the ITP will be soon available. Don't hesitate to contact AJMER here to get information on the facilities we want to offer to young participants to the congress.

4) Special Sessions chaired by ISPRM Committees: WHO-liaison committee, Disaster rehabilitation committee, women and health Committee, Education Committee, Cochrane group....

5) Joint Sessions with ESPRM, Argentina, Sweden, Japan, Africa....

6) Original Sessions:

On behalf of the Scientific Committee and of our French/Belgium organizations, we proposed to build some new sessions like:

  • Controversy sessions,
  • granted "best-of poster sessions,
  • Wine and Cheese with the expert meetings,
  • Innovation contest,
  • Young trainees Tournament

Don't hesitate to upload your abstract on the website here as soon as possible.

Our new "rolling review process" guarantees you a very quick answer from the Scientific Committee (not more than 6 weeks).

Waiting to meet you in Paris next year,


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Prof. Isabelle Laffont

Chair, Paris 2018 Scientific Committee

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